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St. Mark’s School – Downey

Quality Education in a Caring Environment

Academic Objectives

In the classroom, St. Mark’s students are encouraged to work hard to achieve their goals, under the direction of concerned teachers. Strong emphasis on the academic subjects as well as instruction in Christian Faith and Life, art, music, computers, and physical activities combine to give our children strong intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual purpose.

At St. Mark’s, we have the following Curriculum for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade
A STEAM Program
* Science ~ general application to earth science, physical science and life science

Overview of Curriculum for Kindergarten through Eighth grade:

Language Arts:


  • Development of readiness skills, phonics
  • Development of independent and group reading skills (including book reports at all grade levels)
  • Development of vocabulary and spelling


  • Practice in printing and handwriting skills
  • Development of creative writing skills
  • Development of report writing
  • Development of listening skills

Oral Language

  • Oral book reports
  • Presentation of reports and projects


Basic math skills up to and including Algebra


Includes general application to Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science

Health and Well Being:

Includes the study of nutrition, hygiene and Family Life

Social Studies:

Begins with the study of communities and progresses to United States,          World History, and Ancient Civilization


Note reading, rhythmic music and singing


Introduction, conversational phrases and beginning grammar

Physical Education:

Development of small and gross motor skills

Introduction to games and sports


Keyboard skills

Use of computer in report writing

Design and use of web pages

Christian Faith and Life:

Study of the Old and New Testament

Introduction of the concept of the Christian Community

Study of Comparative religions using six of the major world religions

Chapel services two times a week


Daily work not completed in class will become homework

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday in grades fourth through eighth

Additional Programs and Enrichment Opportunities:

Handbell Choir, Piano lessons, Homework club, Service Club, field trips and service projects throughout the year