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Our Mission

Our mission statements guides our work as a community of faith:

St. Mark’s mission is to welcome everyone into our multicultural, diverse community, including those who feel disenfranchised, recognizing that we are all God’s children. We strive to develop each member’s gifts and talents by providing opportunities to serve Christ, while growing together spiritually in a nurturing, compassionate environment. We value and promote education as informed by tradition, faith, and reason.

One of St. Mark’s most visible ministries to the wider community is our school, St. Mark’s School. Our school serves family with children from age three through those about to enter high school. Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and Head of School are vital members of our community.

St. Mark’s Church celebrates its membership in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion, and it honors its place in the Northern Province of the Moravian Church of North America, a member of the global Unitas Fratrum.

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